I Believe that Radar Detectors Are a Necessity

We all know more than the adrenaline rush it gives, speeding is not the need but it’s a compulsion. Yes, it is a dangerous habit of those people who leave their place at the nick of a moment and then put their feet on race to be on time. For these compulsive over-speeders who are also afraid of collecting speeding tickets, certain illegal gadgets are available. They resort to use of illegal radar detectors to lower down car speed at the right moment, if they are being monitored by the traffic cops, when they are about to approach a hidden patrol vehicle.

If a radar detector prevents a ticket, you must not be so happy about this achievement. Rather, this is quite a risky business. You are actually putting the lives of your co-drivers in grave danger. Just to save a few bucks of fine, you should not use such illegal devices. It would be far better if you start a bit early for your destination and keep the speed of your vehicle within the limits.

In my opinion using this gadget should be punishable. It doesn’t matter if you are in speed limit in the eyes of cops, what matters is that you are actually exposing so many people to danger of highway pileups, with your reckless driving.

Just turning to the other side of this issue, if radar detectors are made legal in some states where speeding tickets are quite large in count, it will reduce a lot of hassles at the traffic control office to collect the fine money. It can also prevent corruption in the system.

Another advantage is that the cops can be deployed in other region, instead of making them wait in hidden locations, for the over speeding vehicles. Instead of such maneuvers, the radar detectors should be integrated with the accelerator system so that if a driver over speeds, the radar detector should pass information about the region’s speed limit to the accelerator system and reduce the speed of a moving vehicle. Such detectors should be able to sense an approaching vehicle like an ambulance or any vehicle for that matter and reduce the speed automatically.

If the car manufacturers introduce such innovations in their vehicles, we will have safer cars on the road and safety of human lives will be ensured. Above all, we should also read more articles on radar detectors to find out important aspects before purchasing one.