I Will Put My New Punching Bag to the Test

Yesterday I received my much awaited exercise gear- the punching bag, which looked very promising in achieving my goal of burning my accumulated tiers to give way to fabulously flat abs. This new addition to my already existing fitness tools, was placed in the lobby of my tiny studio apartment. With a resolution to start at the earliest, I decided to get some guidance.

These are the points I gathered and I want to share with you in case you too share my idea of fitness with a heavy bag.

First a word of caution

  • Hang the punching bag at an accurate height to match your stature.
  • Do not start this type of fitness training on your own. Although the compact size and harmless look of the punching bag will inspire you to go ahead, remember you must have a trainer who will analyze your physical fitness and guide you through this challenge.
  • Only a trainer can help you with suitable strike and kick movements, to match your body type and stamina. If you don’t take this advice, then you may invite irreparable damage.


Points to ponder

  • Balancing your feet is the most crucial thing. Physics has the explanation for this. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. When you punch the bag you are provoking the bag to react. If you are not firmly planted on the ground, the reaction from your punching bag may sweep you off your feet.
  • You have to punch the bag not push it. Consider the bag your worst enemy, don’t push him off the building, but punch him in the face to teach him a lesson.
  • You have to decide a spot on the bag and punch it hard for maximum benefit. It involves a bit of staring too.
  • Shower a volley of punches about 20 in one go, on the bag while holding a balanced stance. After this you can move around the bag, select a new position and start again. Each such round should last 20-30 seconds.
  • Practice daily and religiously.


This is what I have learned till now. Tomorrow I will start with my trainer. So catch you later.