I’m Sure My Daughter Is Safe in Her New Car Seat

Being a new mother, it is always my priority to ensure my daughter’s safety, especially when my husband is not around, since he travels a lot due to his sales job. I am always on my toes since I have to take care of my fashion boutique as a professional, and as a mom, I have to look after children at the same time. I always worry about seating my 1 year old baby in the car when I have to go out to my store or to the nearest grocery store for urgent shopping.

Though I have a baby seat in my car, but I want a better safety seat to make sure that she stays safe and protected while I drive.  I saw a friend of mine, using a convertible baby seat for her son. So, I decided to get a similar seat for my baby as I was very impressed by the way her son loves to sit in it. It was a little bit pricey, but I did get the value for my money. The most fabulous thing is that I use it as a car seat, as well as a stroller, since its matching stroller made my life a lot easier.

It is big and safe enough for my daughter and since it is convertible, it can be attached to the rear or the front seat of the car. For me the rear seat is the safest position since the impact of any accident or sudden brakes will be least for the tiny body of my baby. Getting this safe car seat was not enough, I had to spend a good amount of time to read its manual and understand its installation details to make it a safe place in the car, for my daughter.

Last month horrific news of a severe accident involving a mother and her baby, made me highly vigilant to ensure that the safety seat fits properly on the rear seat of my car.  Thanks to this great attachment, that now, I am able to bring my daughter along to my boutique or shopping mall, without any worry about her safety while driving.