My opinions on the KastKing Mako spinning reel

Alongside the rod, the reel is the piece of equipment of the utmost importance for an angler and one you should be carefully choosing when you feel like your tackling gear needs an update. My latest attempt to renew my fishing arsenal was to procure a solid and well-matched spinning rod and reel for tackling bass. I believe I’ve done a pretty nice job when I chose a graphite, 7 feet, medium-heavy power, fast action rod and I’m confident I’ll be using it for many other fishing conditions than the one mentioned.

Reels are a different category of equipment. Personally, I’ve always had tough luck with choosing a suitable one, and rarely was I able to find a reel that I felt confident in. Anyway, searching online, I’ve run into a new model of 36 inch from KingCast that caught my eye. What I first noticed at it was the slightly oversized spool, that gave me the impression that it didn’t fit so well with rest of the body, but I will talk about the advantages coming with this feature right away. I’ve decided to purchase this for two reasons: one, it was a KingCast, a brand that is renowned for its high-quality products and, two, it really seemed like the perfect match for my new Shimano rod.

Firstly, let me clarify what is the role of the large spool and how it helps. Its big size actually increases the stability of the string coiled on it. As such, you won’t be dealing with twisted or tangled line.  This feature worked like a charm until now. In addition to that, you’ll notice the motor brushes with which the reel is fitted, apparently, they also play a part in keeping your line nicely wrapped on the spool and they help avoid loops and snarls. Of course, the most essential feature of a reel is its gear ratio. This one comes with a 5:1:1 retrieve capability, but even so, it provides a good speed for its size and it ensures a smooth retrieval, due to its 8+1 stainless steel ball bearings, I have nothing to argue about that. The drag system can withstand a maximum of 22 lbs, which I find quite satisfying considering the purpose for which I have chosen it. If you’re looking for a more powerful item from this manufacturer, I’ve gathered that their Sharky model is quite fast and also lighter than this one, but you may want to pair it with a more powerful rod. Going back to my purchase, the Mako 3500 is a bit heavier, as it is mainly built with aluminum. However, there is nothing flimsy about its construction and all the elements seem to be solidly fastened together, while its composing materials also make it quite reliable not only for freshwater, but for saltwater too. More details about this model can be found if you read the best bass fishing gear reviews.

The reel has a reversible CNC handle and an anti-slip knob, so you won’t lose control over it even if it gets soaked in water, which can come in handy considering how much bass likes to splash around. All in all, I believe my new reel will be helping me land a few of them on my next trip guaranteed.