My “review” of the Zoeller M53 Mighty-mate Submersible Sump Pump

Right after buying our new home, I started talking to the neighbors and quickly enough, I came to the conclusion that I had to purchase a sump pump. There wasn’t any installed in the basement, but since I’ve heard that people in the area had had issues with their basement getting flooded in spring, I decided to avoid wasting any money on repairs and get a sump pump instead.

During my research, I referred to a lot of websites and videos on YouTube about the best sump pumps out there. I needed something rather basic that I could install myself or with a friend that had a bit more knowledge on the matter than I. I wasn’t prepared to spend more than two hundred dollars on a model, but I needed something that was worth every penny and that would last for a decent amount of time. In my book, that means at least ten years.

Eventually, after going through many ratings, reviews, and many websites destined for giving a hand to prospective buyers, I decided on the Zoeller M53. What I found useful in this model was the housing made of cast iron, which virtually eliminated any chance of the motor engine being overheated. Another thing that I was impressed with was the fact that the Zoeller M53 had a vortex impeller instead of a typical inlet screen. In other words, small-sized solids would have been able to flow through this sump pump.

Installation wasn’t particularly difficult as I had the assistance of my buddy. We had all the male adapters, discharge pipes, and a check valve, that were all necessary to complete the setup. We tested the model in order to make sure that there weren’t any leaks, and then all I had to do was wait for a new flooding to see whether the Zoeller M53 lived up to its claims. It came quickly enough, and that’s when I realized that the major advantage of this model was the fact that it was fully automatic and as such, it would start pumping at night or at any moment when we weren’t at home. Since the ⅓ HP motor does its job wonderfully, we’ve had no trouble with the pump ever since we’ve installed it as most of the info I came across said that it was able to discharge as many as 43 gallons per minute. Even though I hardly think that the pump ever reached its maximum capacity, the fact of the matter remains that it’s able to do its job without needing the assistance of me or my wife’s. From what I’ve gathered, the pump automatically starts doing its thing once the water depth is around 7”. If the water level drops to 3”, the pump will shut itself off.

In the end, the Zoeller M53 is the best choice for me and my family as it lets us get a good night sleep because we know that it will last for many years and protect us from any basement flooding.

If this model is not cool enough for you, there is a new one from the same brand- M57.